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About Full Armour Swim & Sports Teams


Mission Statement:

Through a Christ-centered approach, Full Armour Sports Teams is committed to allowing youth in our community to experience growth and development through sports and to strive for personal excellence and improvement. We compete as individuals coming together to form one team entrenched with a sense of teamwork, camaraderie and support for one another.

What Makes Us Different:


Full Armour Sports Teams is not your ordinary youth sports programs. We are focused on developing youth in a loving environment. While we strive to be the best team that we can, and we are confident that we have some of the most knowledgable coaches implementing the latest in sports physiology and psychology research, we also know that there is much more to be gained by competing on a swim team than just medals and best times. 

Times and Achievements will fade... but the bonds our kids make with each other and the memories will last a lifetime. In addition, athletes learn valuable life skills and teamwork!

Our job as coaches is simple it is to love our athletes and provide them with the best coaching. If we do that, with God's help, we will achieve what we have set out to achieve... Personal and Team Excellence! 

We hope you choose our team!

Jason Lupo


The mission of Full Armour Sports Teams is fulfilled through the following vision:

Team Vision

  • Provide a safe, caring environment that allows youth to develop and improve without the fear of harassment, bullying or discrimination

  • Maintain a positive sporting environment where youth are expected to support and encourage one another

  • Encourage character development through volunteerism and upholding the code of conduct

  • Promote integrity by teaching youth to act in accordance with their inner values

  • Displaying respect to teammates, coaches, officials, fellow competitors and parents

  • Ongoing prayer for the fulfillment of our mission, the safety of all athletes and the impact of our coaches in the mentorship and development of the community and it’s youth

Performance Vision

  • An expectation of superb work ethic and an ongoing pursuit for youth to better themselves in their athletic, education and character-building endeavors

  • Separation of athletes based on current skill and ability levels to allow for coaches to successfully implement a plan to improve performance and teach developmentally appropriate skills

  • A commitment to ongoing coaching education and development

  • Create and foster partnerships between coaches and athletes to ensure a targeted performance approach and provide mentorship

  • Provide a quality program through the implementation of ongoing sport performance research and the collaboration and partnership with the Sports Performance Advisory Committee

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