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Jason Lupo
Owner | Full Armour Sports Teams


My Story

I started to coach while I was still in High School. As an athlete, I simply fell in love with the science behind sport. I dreamt of working in the Olympic realm. Sport went from being a non-existent part of my early childhood to a critical element of who I was in High School. I came into competitive sport at a much later age.

My love for sport and entrepreneurship led me to University of Colorado, Colorado Springs where I began a Bachelors in Sports Management. I didn't quite know where in the sports world I wanted to be. After taking a sports science class, I realized that my passion truly lied on the coaching end of things. Convinced that I would eventually combine my two passions into one, I added a Bachelors of Health Science, Sports Conditioning degree to my plan.


Professional Philosophy

"To get to the heart of empowering positive youth development requires that performance become an outcome not of training philosophy, but rather an outcome of an intense desire in our youth to succeed fostered not by a coach, but by the environment that we as coaches provide scaffold."

-Jason Lupo


It is important to understand that youth do not develop in a contained minuscule system, but rather a complex intertwined ecosystem. Full Armour Sports Teams plays an integral role, as well as the parents in our programs and the community in which we live and serve.



A positive culture is not passively formed, but rather a deliberate process that includes diversity, leadership, management of staff and volunteers as well as programmed team bonding experiences.



We strongly believe that performance is the result of the experiences and culture in which athletes participate. It is not the most important part of youth development nor our programs, however improvement is important to our athletes and our ability to recruit and impact more kids and thus still remains an important key. Research and coaching education is a cornerstone to insure that every athlete in our programs sees personal success.

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