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Media Room

Coach Jason discusses how the Clemson YDL program changed the way he manages his programs and the changes he hopes to make in the way we coach!

Who is Full Armour?

This video was actually filmed and produced by one of our athletes that really captured what our swim team was about and the difference we were trying to make in the swim community.  This video was created 3 months after the start of our programs

Parent Education Series

This video was the first in a series of videos we produced to help parents understand the sport of swimming and help parents understand why we do what we do and how we do it. 

Community Engagement

About two months into the COVID-19 pandemic, I spoke in front of the El Paso County Commissioners explaining the importance of youth sports in our community and for our kids. This video was share all over the country and was viewed over 10,000 times as well as mentioned in local news.

Community Engagement

Following multiple appearances in front of local leaders during the pandemic, I was asked to speak at a town hall meeting alongside many local leaders and politicians. I told the story of how our kids were impacted by the shutdown as well as the steps we took to get our kids back together.

Behind the Scenes

This video give a little insight on what it is like to attend a meet with our kids. Filled with fun little interviews and loads of fun!

Leadville Retreats

Twice a year, we take our kids to Leadville for a retreat where the main focus is on growing closer together as a team. Through worship, bible studies and team talks, we discuss critical issues discussing our youth and work together as a team to overcome challenges.

More Fun!

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