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Faith Family Fitness

Faith Family Fitness is a ministry of Full Armour Sports Teams to provide critical information to families about what is going on in our community, our society and our schools as well as information to improve your families health with practical information on nutrition, sports and training. Our show is diverse in subject matter as all of our lives are diverse in the interactions we have on a day to day basis with our kids, families, and a wide array of stakeholders.

From Legislative Updates happening locally, to the latest in sports news and health and fitness science, our show will keep your family healthy in both mind, body and spirit.

Thank You Burke Atkerson for Joining us on April 20th to share about your new book Fire Nights: Forging Brotherhood that Heals


Introducing Our Private Coaching Programs

Private Running Coaching Programs
Private Running Coaching

You are faster than you think. You are capable of running farther than you know. You can crush your next race with the support of a personal running coach. Whether you are looking to run your first 5K, or qualify for the Boston Marathon, we provide online running coaching and custom personalized training plans to help you reach your dreams.

Contact us today for a free consultation and learn how we can help you improve your running from flexibility, injury prevention and sports physiology we are here to help.

Private Triathlon Coaching Programs
Triathlon Coaching

Whether you are brand new to triathlon training, a weekend warrior just trying to improve on your previous race results, or at the top of your age bracket and trying to qualify for world championships. You can crush your next triathlon race with the support of a personal triathlon coach. Sprint triathlons to half ironmans and full ironmans we provide online triathlon coaching and custom personalized triathlon training plans to help you reach your goals.

Private Strength Coaching Programs
Private Strength Coaching

Our Online Strength and Conditioning Training Programs are designed for athletes, weekend warriors, those just getting started in fitness and elite powerlifters. We have a pedigree that includes National Champion Powerlifters, Team National Championships and American Record Holders in Strength Sports. All this along with a long proven history of reduced injury prevalence and improved athletic performance in sports ranging from football and hockey to swimming and running.

Research and Latest News

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