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Staying Active and Energized with Your Family during Christmas Break

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Staying Active during Christmas Break

The holiday season often brings joy and festivities, family and a focus on our faith. It also brings about perfect opportunity for fitness routines to be disrupted. For families looking to stay active over the Christmas break, consider trying fun and engaging activities that keep both the body and mind stimulated.

Winter Sports Extravaganza

Embrace all that the winter weather has to offer by participating in activities like ice skating, skiing, or snowboarding. These not only provide an excellent workout but also allow you to enjoy the beauty of the season. They will also allow the opportunity for impromptu snowball fights, making snow angels and creating snowmen.

Festive Family Fitness

Get the entire family involved in Festive Fitness. Whether it's a holiday-themed dance-off, a friendly game of touch football, holiday charades or a group hike, incorporating loved ones can make staying active a bonding experience.

Indoor Workout Challenges

If the weather isn't favorable, consider an indoor workout challenge. Home workout routines, yoga sessions, even virtual fitness classes are just a few of the ways you can break a sweat without stepping outside. Try exercise dice to make fitness a fun game, which can be tailored to every level. Simply roll the two dices to get an exercise and the amount of reps or time you have to perform the exercise. You can do the same thing with playing cards where a suit may be an exercise and the number is the amount of times you do the exercise.

Exercise Dice

Volunteer and Move

Give back to your community by participating in volunteer activities that require physical effort, such as a charity run or helping with community clean-up projects. It's a win- win – you stay active while also contributing to a good cause.

Fitness Apps

For the tech savvy, explore fitness apps tailored for youth. There are gamified workouts, virtual challenges, guided routines, these apps can make staying active a fun and interactive experience.

Creative Movement Workshops

Unleash creativity through movement. Look in your community for local dance, fitness or martial arts workshops. These will not only provide a physical workout but also allow you to express yourself in unique and artistic ways. Often there are special prices for drop in classes, or lower priced trials that will allow you to discover your options and what most excites you prior to making a commitment.

Staying active during Christmas break is not just about physical health but also about creating special memories. Find physical activities that work for you and your family. Embrace the festive spirit, and make this holiday season a time for Faith, Family and Fitness.

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