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Crimes Against Children, Interview with Brandi Bradley, Increasing Penalties for Child Solicitation HOUSE BILL 24-1092

Increasing Penalties for Crimes Against Children in Colorado

In the state of Colorado, Crimes Against Children such as Child Solicitation and Prostitution is a growing concern, but with the penalties of child solicitation being so lenient, there is little to no threat. Bad actors and criminals know this and are not scared about prostituting children, and the more concerning fact is many times it is parents who are soliciting their own children.

This is sick and atrocious, and in my interview with Rep. Brandi Bradley, there is much concern that this bill is going to be shot down in committee with Democrat Representatives essentially defending this disgusting behavior. The current sentence is as little as probation, and Brandi's bill aims to make the minimum sentence 4-12 years. This minimum sentence is still far behind California's minimum 25 year sentence. This makes Colorado more progressive than California in allowing the perverted cult of child attracted persons to infiltrate and destroy young lives.

Colorado isn't prosecuting these cases.

Colorado is essentially allowing abuse of children.

Governor Jared Polis said in his State of the State that they are making Colorado safer, but safer for who? Obviously criminals are safer from prosecution.

Listen to my interview with Brandi Bradley to find out more about this bill, and then please testify and email/call Democrat legislators who are about to prove on record that they are for child solicitation.

Questions about the bill or testifying email

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How To Testify

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Increasing Penalties for Crimes Against Children in ColoradoIncreasing Penalties for Crimes Against Children in Colorado

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