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When the Government Fails to Listen to We the People | Demanding Redress from Lewis Palmer School District 38 an Interview with Matt Allner

When the Government Fails to Listen to We the People | Demanding Redress from Lewis Palmer School District 38 an Interview with Matt Allner

On our show which aired on May 18th, we had guest Matt Allner to speak on the issues surrounding the pushing of LGBTQ+ agenda and transgender activism on students in Lewis Palmer School District 38 in Monument, CO.

He shares his personal experience as a father and the experience of his daughter in the classroom as well as his steps which he has taken to attempt to remedy his grievance with the district.

Upon unsuccessful attempts to have reasonable conversations with the school, the school board and other stakeholders, he took to what is his constitutional right. The right to assemble and petition.

Armed with the Constitution on his side, he seeks to force the District to make changes back to their jobs of simply educating our children, not in social constructs and woke ideology, but on simply the things that should be taught, Math, Science, English.

Listen to the show here and then continue below on how you can help (no matter what State you are in).

So what do we do when Government fails to listen?

Please read this note from Matt Allner, the link for the Lawful Notice and Video are below this brief message.

"The moment many of you have been waiting for is finally here.  As of Saturday May 11, 2024  I have started the official lawful process of holding our School District lawfully responsible for their maladministration and have emailed my first lawful Notice to the District regarding my grievances.  The link below is a direct link to the jot form document we have created for the Notice.  Please take some time to read over the Notice and let me know if you have any questions.  Recently I made a video explaining the Notice for those who would like to know and understand more about what a Lawful Notice really is as the fundamental law of both our Constitution and the Maxims of Law are referenced and explained in detail in the video.  The video can be found on my youtube channel (@mattallner4873) but I also included the link to the video below along with the link to the Notice.  Please pass this along to others you know so that they can read and sign it as well.  If you are wondering if you can sign it if you live out of state from Colorado, or don't live or have kids that attend school in our District, you have every right to sign it and so do your kids regardless of their age.  US Constitution, Article IV, Section 2 specifically gives us this right as the right of a citizen in one state, is the right of the citizens in all states (the several states).  And what we are doing in emailing a large group is we are "peaceably assembling" and "petitioning" our government for redress of our grievances."

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