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The Book Series That Combats WOKE School Curriculum: Tuttle Twins Curriculum Review

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

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Tuttle Twins Curriculum Review

As many of you know I started teaching at a local Homeschool group, Great American Outpost (GAO). I am the Biology teacher to middle and high schoolers as well as the Tuttle Twins and Entrepreneurship teacher to kids 8-13. I absolutely love the opportunity God has given me to impact the next generation of youth.

Tuttle Twins

If you asked me two months ago, I would have had no clue what the Tuttle Twins Curriculum was, but I did know that the rhetoric being spread by the schools, even in one of the most conservative counties in the country, El Paso County, Colorado was scary. Our kids are being brainwashed in the schools.

Curriculum has rapidly moved away from the Christian Conservative Family Values our families espouse and toward a curriculum spreading theories of Gender Fluidity, Critical Race Theory, Socialism and Marxism. Don't even get me started on the complete misunderstanding our educators have of the Constitution and the Rights and Freedoms we as Americans are entitled too. With that being said even our politicians don't understand Constitutional Rights.

We may not be able to stop the school districts from moving toward progressive curriculum, even though we should continue to fight and fight hard for this curriculum to be removed, but we can help our kids understand the Truth.

The Book Series That Combats WOKE School Curriculum

If you homeschool your kids, this is a phenomenal curriculum to teach your kids about government, economics and free society. The stories are fun and engaging and even get me as a grown adult, educator, business owner and political influencer to think critically about the topics presented. The stories are easy enough to understand that the younger kids I teach in class can follow along, but written in a way that even my teenagers can engage in an interactive dialogue about the issues presented.

If your kids are in public school, these books are even more critical as parents in our current state of progressive education must undo the teachings of the public school "activists" that are dead set on making sure your kids become activists for "social justice" and "Diversity, Equity and Inclusion." This Tuttle Twins curriculum along with your guidance may actually help your kids become a light in their school and encourage them to spark conversations with their classmates about what is being taught.

In this huge battle to take control of your child's brains, we must be proactive in instilling the Christian, Patriotic values we espouse. The advertising on television, the content on youtube and social media and even the billboards and store advertising are pushing these woke ideas. We can't avoid the shift in society, but we can teach the opposing views and prepare our kids to defend their beliefs and faith.

I highly encourage you to click the link below to find out more about this phenomenal curriculum and start your kids on the journey to better understanding the proper roles of government, economic principles and how to fight for what is right!

Tuttle Twins Homeschool Curriculum:

The original book series I believe is a great addition to any homeschool curriculum, but they have also written many other phenomenal education resources ranging from books for toddlers to high schoolers. Every book is rooted in theories of free society, free markets and personal responsibility, and homeschool educators can easily add supplementary assignments like book reports or further research on each topic depending on age and education level. These books are must haves.

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